What is this blog?

Just another anime fan trying to share various news and reviews on anime watched, anisong concerts, convention reports, seiyuu/voice actors, and other anime related stuff. Miscellaneous articles such as Kickstarter funded projects or travel tips related to anime may also be added from time to time.

Who is YuukoAmamiya?

The name YuukoAmamiya is based on the character Yuuko Amamiya from ef series. Yes, she is one of my favorite characters out of the hundreds and thousands of anime titles I have seen.

Why did you start this blog?

For fun. I like to blog and express my opinions on anime as it is my primary hobby. I started blogging in high school but stopped about five years ago due to lack of time. I had urge to start doing so again so here I am!

Aren’t you ashamed of openly writing about an embarrassing hobby?

Why should I be ashamed and why should I be embarrassed? Anime fandom is rapidly growing internationally and I think this is the perfect opportunity to get back into the game on this. I also don’t have any concerns expressing my passion for this hobby. It’s something I grew up with, something I enjoy, and something that stuck with me through good and bad times. I found it a good way to de-stress and take my mind off things too at times.

Do you make money or receive compensation for this blog or writing posts?

As of the time of this update, I do not. While the dream would be to generate income/revenue/cash flow for a living doing this kind of thing (traveling to conventions/concerts, writing reviews, etc.), I don’t see it being practical nor stable in the near future. Though unless someone wants to be really generous and change that, I would be more than willing to consider 😉

Do you know Japanese?

No, but am trying to find spare time to pick it up! While I can understand a fair amount via listening and to some extent reading, speaking and writing remains a challenge.

How much anime have you watched? When did you start watching?

Around two thousand, including one-off OVAs, specials, movies, etc… I started watching in elementary school but only increased the volume around high school

Where do you find time/money to watch all of this?

As I mentioned previously, this is my primary hobby so time is not an issue barring my job and real life commitments. As for money, I don’t keep a lot of DVDs/blu-rays for a very long period of time unless I really like the series or it’s valuable. Most of the time it’s buying then trade/resell for other stuff with friends or at conventions, which allows for wallet damage to be kept to a minimum. Services like CrunchyRoll and Daisuki have also help mitigate costs significantly over the last few years allowing me to be more precise in what titles to keep long term.

Most of the money instead goes into investing in other goods (figures, limited edition items, concert goods, etc.). Manga and light novels, especially, I will keep when possible as I like to keep physical prints for books

Do you take requests for reviews/articles?

Yes, please feel free to PM or write in the comments with suggestions. I will review on a case by case basis

What is your favorite anime series?

Depends on the genre really. Over time, I realized I don’t have one favorite series as there hasn’t been one (and unlikely to be one) that will master all genres perfectly. For example, Cross Game is my favorite sports/romance title but ef ~A Tale of Melodies~ will be my favorite drama series

Which anisong artists are your favorite?

fripSide, EGOIST, Aqours, µ’s, sphere, Nana Mizuki, T.M. Revolution, May’n, Maon Kurosaki, angela, GARNiDELiA, Eir Aoi, Luna Haruna, Ray, ALTIMA, Mami Kawada, KOTOKO, Konomi Suzuki, Ayano Mashiro, Minami (Kuribayashi), YuiKaori, savage genius, FictionJunction, ClariS, May’n, HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR….just to name a few….the list goes on.

I’m not linking everything here…do a wiki search

So I take it you are a Love Liver?

Yes, please feel free to add me on School Idol Festival:

EN username: Yuuko_Ef

JP username: Inori

Do you like other idol groups? What about non-anisong related?

Wake Up, Girls! is probably the closest thing on my list but their lack of new works is causing my interest to wane a little. I lost interest in IdolM@ster right before Love Live! started in 2010 due to the characters becoming less interesting and not leaving an impression.

As for other idol groups, I had one stretch of AKB48 fandom back around 2008, I think, and maybe again in 2012 when they created an anime but it didn’t stick. Mayu Watanabe is still the best but that’s about it. Morning Musume and Tokyo Performance Doll are probably the next closest things but I haven’t been keeping up

As for non-anisong related, if you count YuiKaori, I guess? I do like some AAA works every now and then though


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